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As a publisher who has been in business for 20 years, I relish the independence to allow authors to write their truth, maintain their voice without compromise in a major imprint quality product, so that readers will be able to read words straight from the author’s heart and soul.

Whether you’re a seasoned or first-time author, or you simply want to print a beautiful book for personal use, Carlyle Books will help you create your book, your way.

We’re here to help independent authors and content creators succeed by using the expertise and resources of our top-notch team of publishing talent. Our publishing philosophy has always been to create the best quality publications possible so that each title can compete with the absolute best; hence, an independent voice but of a major publishing house and imprint quality.

Over the years I have assembled long-term relationships with a team of top-notch writers, editors, graphic designers, website designers, branding and social media specialists, along with a top-notch team of diverse and highly skilled support staff professionals to complement our authors’ vision and finalized top-shelf book production. We are in for the long-term, so we look to develop and maintain long-term relationships, which is why thus far, all of our authors have retained us to publish all of their books. Those authors have trusted us with as many as six of their books.

So, if you are interested in turning your concepts, stories, ideas, or manuscripts into a high-quality-published book, let us know where you are with your book, and a representative will contact you and customize a package specifically for your book project. We’re effective, efficient, and affordable. Once your vision and our production plan for your book project are perfected, we will collaborate with you through steps A-Z until you have a high-quality book and the status of being a proud, published author! Don Williams, Publisher

Don Williams, Publisher

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Let’s hear from our clients

Carlyle Publishing and Publisher Don Williams did an excellent job publishing my book, POETRY, MAXIMS AND MUSINGS OF A BIPOLAR MIND, a book that I had been trying to finish for years. Why did it take so long for an attorney and professor whose career is writing and editing briefs? Well…this soft cover, very high quality, reader-friendly book consists of 832 pages, and includes 390 poetic works, 1063 maxims (proverbs), 81 musings (essays), 37 quotations, an intriguing 129-part personal profile of the author and a 15-page preface that explains to the reader how this book came about and why it is so unique and extraordinary. That’s why! Before I met Mr. Williams (who was highly recommended by several other authors whose books he published), no one else gave me the confidence that they could turn my vision into what Mr. Williams ultimately did in great quality and success. I did not want editors to change my voice on any part of the 832 pages and I wanted the book to also be edited error free as well. Carlyle and Mr. Williams published this gem expertly to my vision. No other publishing company could have a done a better job with this massive endeavor than Carlyle Publishing and their Publisher, Don Williams!

- Dr. David K. Layton

- Attorney/Professor

Hands down the best publisher (Don Williams) and the best publishing company (Carlyle Books). I appreciate you! Meeting after meeting and year after year, all I got was wasted time and money from so many people telling me they could make my dream of becoming a published author. Thank you, Don Williams, for using your God-given talents to finally make my dream come true with my books! Your character as a friend and publisher has given me a hint of confidence back into the world of independent publishing, but I will always be loyal to you as you have been with me and the grateful authors I referred to you! You and your team are the best! Don, I just want to say, I am so grateful for your patience, wisdom and great publishing talent in bringing my manuscript, GOD and COVID-19 into a top-notch book! It’s been my dream for years and within months you and your company made it a reality. I am forever grateful. Thanks, and I look forward to books number two and three being national bestsellers! My friends and associates whom I referred to you feel so blessed to finally work with a bonafide publisher with great talent and character! Thanks, and may GOD continue to anoint you!

- Gabrielle Marie Lewis

Writing a book was NEVER a dream or on my “things to do list” in life…EVER! However, God had other plans! So, with the steps ordered and laid out right in front of me, I took a deep breath and took those steps in faith with the guidance of the Lord and my amazing publisher, Don Williams at Carlyle Books. Thus “Smile…and have a beautiful day” was born back in October! If you’ve had the thought of doing any kind of book, but kept it in the back of your mind wondering how in the world it could ever really happen, please contact me and I will give you the info for my publisher. I promise, Don Williams will hold your hand every step of the way, and make your book become a reality! He was a professional football player many years ago, but God had other plans for him. He will pray with you, encourage you, mentor you, advise you, listen at the midnight hour, and work with you in every way; and wears every hat needed to get your book published, copyrighted, and your website domain. With publisher Don Williams and his team, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!! With that being said, “Smile….and have a beautiful day”! Hugs!

- Singer Tammy Smith

I have the best publisher in the world in Don Williams, the CEO/Publisher of Carlyle Books. He made me believe I could turn my notes and thoughts into a book, even when I wanted to quit. Now two books and my Lupus documentary later with him, I still say there’s no one better than Don and Carlyle Books and without his expertise, I don’t know if I’d be published by now. And if I was published by another company, I doubt it would have been an experience like the one you and your company imparted on me. By the way, everyone I referred to you also give you and Carlyle perfect scores.

Working with you has definitely been a GOD thing as I just happened to walk in the office as Lillie was talking to you about shipping her books. Next thing I know and a month later, I was getting your call telling me my books are on the way! Don Williams ….thank you for seeing the vision beyond what I could see. You have been so patient with me guiding me through this book project. You are a wonderful publisher to work with, and most important, a wonderful person, and I say, thank you!

- Dr. Stephanie Ricks

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